Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting my Gay on

It's gay pride month, which usually means all sorts of events filled with rainbows and extreme gayness. When we first moved to Colorado, we were worried about where we might find community. Little by little we are finding nice places to spend time and such. Tomorrow we get to celebrate our gayness. It's gay pride weekend in Denver, and as is that standard for pride events, all sorts of FABULOUS things are happening. Allow me to digress for a moment. In the past several years, I almost always enjoyed attending pride events in Cleveland. To me Cleveland was a small fesitval full of familiar faces. Columbus has a much bigger event, I once read that they usually have about 70,000 people show up. I always saw Columbus as a huge festival.

Denver, will be an all new experience. Aside from living in a relatively conservative state, I imagine I will see all sorts of gay cowboys, baby dykes, and hopefully some fabulous drag queens. Oh, and here's the kicker...Denver's festival anticipates their attendance of over 200,000.

HOLY GOOD GAYNESS BATMAN!!! Nearly a quarter of a million gays...Fred Phelps would want to pass out and die. Yes, pictures will be taken...and you can bet that I anticipate some rather large religous protests...and I will take pics of that too...nothing makes my pride festival as much fun at a 5 year old holding a sign that says "Turn or burn fag!"

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Happy Gayness!